Finding the right gift can have its challenges, but lucky for you the Bazaar del Mundo Shops make shopping a new and exciting experience for everybody! You’ll find a lovely collection of beautiful and unique items, along with collectibles from countries all over the world. Our ever-changing shops offer new merchandise that will leave you intrigued and wanting to know more about how and where each item was made. Come on by and find the best gifts in San Diego for mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, kids and friends and more!

Check out our gift guide below for some creative gift giving ideas from one of the best places to shop in San Diego:

Unique Dishes for All!

These days we all find ourselves spending most of our time at home – with lots of that time spent in the kitchen. Travel is limited, but cookbooks will introduce you to different cultures, unique dishes and new ideas. Whether you’re trying a new and unique Chilaquiles recipe (a traditional Mexican breakfast dish), or a creamy, fruity and tropical dessert, the holidays call for even more meals and cooking!

When shopping at Bazaar del Mundo, you’ll find a fabulous selection of cookbooks dedicated to recipes for vegans, all things meat, vegetarians, breakfast foods and more. Alongside an array of cookbooks is an assortment of traditional Mexican spices, soup and bread mixes, sauces, salsas, preserves, jellies, dressings, and vinegars – all beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted!

New Year, New Décor

Give your home a makeover with colorful décor that will enrich your home with beautifully designed and handcrafted pieces from all around the world.

Step into our Guatemala Shop and catch a glimpse into the most vibrant of Guatemalan markets, as well as art and accessories from Central and South America. This shop also presents traditional Latin American crafts and textiles, with handmade and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Surround yourself with vibrant décor in our Artes de Mexico Shop. Here you’ll find the best of what Mexico has to offer without leaving San Diego – you’ll find a wide selection of regional folk art, ceramics, ornaments, traditional Mexican clothing and authentic Mata Ortiz pottery. Customers can find colorful and festive decorations such as piñatas, paper flowers and sombreros for any “fiesta!” themed celebrations.

In our Design Center, we carry hand-woven Mexican Zapotec rugs, beautiful folk and tribal art, reversed applique pillows, baskets, chimes and more. Whatever you chose – your gift will be one-of-a-kind!

Fashion Finds

Looking for unique and colorful fashion pieces you can’t find anywhere else? This holiday season, the Bazaar del Mundo Shops are filled with new finds including women’s clothing, purses, belts, jewelry and more in our Ariana Shop. Or head to The Gallery and find exceptional pieces made by artists, including decorated glass, wall art, and a large collection of authentic Native American jewelry featuring turquoise, corral, lapis and more.

Finally, our Shops feature a wide selection of traditional Latin American and Mexican clothing – in designs and fashions for the whole family. Shopping in San Diego just got that much easier with the best finds from Bazaar del Mundo!

Bazaar del Mundo is one of the best places to shop in San Diego, with everything you need this holiday season. Travel the globe with a walkthrough of our shops and take a closer look at our collectibles from the world’s most colorful countries. 

And don’t forget about our signature wrapping that adds a pop of color to each gift!